No, you are not signed up to any contact. The service is run on a monthly running service and can be cancelled at any time.

Yes, we are based in Halesowen in the West Midlands and can support you whenever you need us. (Paid for service only)

Yes, you can download a template CSV for you to easily update and re-upload to the service to make it easy for you to send to.

Yes, all surveys are customisable to your brand.

It’s simple (as the name says ;-)) once you have opened your account and logged click on surveys and select new survey. Give your survey a name and click Create. then click on the first question type. This will then show in the body of the page there you can add the text for your questions, add options for answers and use the skip logic feature if required. to add more questions types you can either click on the type of question or drag it to where you want it to appear in the survey.

Yes, you can. While creating your survey, there are options for image upload and file upload.

Yes, you can. However, monitoring that survey will be disabled as the survey will be directly on your website. We do it this way because we do not want to affect any SEO you have invested in, keeping your website free of plug-ins and add-ons.

Simply download the Simple Survey.life app (Android only). Once you have created your survey you will be able to go out and about to get your surveys filled in then, once you reconnect to an internet connect it, it will automatically update the dashboard and save all of your surveys.

Yes, you can, just sign up for the free account and give it a whirl.

Yes, not a problem. Once you have subscribed to the paid-for option, give us a call or drop us an email, and we can certainly do that for you.